Law of Attraction Guide (Simplified)

Law of Attraction guide:

  1. Set your intention 

-Use “I am”

-Focus only on what it is you want to manifest. Do not focus on the fact that you don’t have it yet. 

-Be VERY specific

2.Believe and trust that your intention will happen

-Make a vision board

-Journal with phrases such as “I am a millionaire” “I am a successful entrepreneur” 

-Envision yourself already having what you want. How does it  make you feel? 

3.Practice Letting Go Limiting Beliefs 

-Your ego may tell you that you can’t have this because you don’t deserve

-Don’t focus on the when, where, and how

-Focus on the what and the why

-Use the tapping technique to help with the manifestation process

  1. Show gratitude for what you have 

-Think about the negative things in your life. Is there any connection related to your fears, doubts, and old patterns that match up to your current life?

-Now, focus on all the great things in your life. Feel grateful and appreciative and make a list of all the amazing things you have, even if you think they are small. 

-Gratitude is the key to setting yourself up for things you could never fathom before. 

  1. Meditate

  -This helps to quiet the mind and allow positive energy to flow through you

When you state to the universe what you want, it is already rearranging anything and everything for you. It’s now all up to you. What you need to do is practice re-training your brain to allow these positive thoughts and to allow yourself to believe you can achieve these. It is important to state your intention and then make a statement such as “your desire or something greater for my highest good, and so it is”. 

It is also important to be patient, especially with something bigger. When we are constantly wondering when it is going to show up, we often cause resistance to it. 

Start with manifesting something small to see the power of it. 

Be open to the opportunities when they come your way and don’t be set on a specific outcome of how it will manifest in your life. 


Our Emotions..

I think everyone is hurting on the inside in some way. Whether it is fear, hurt, anger, confusion, loneliness, insecurity. But we try so hard to hide it. We don’t think it is okay to be open with our feelings and emotions. We get so lost in portraying that we are happy all the time and that our life is perfect, that we lose ourselves even more. Boys are taught that they have to act tough and shouldn’t show their weaknesses. Girls were taught that they have to be skinny and pretty to be liked. In order to fit in, we have masked ourselves to be someone we aren’t. And we crave more to the point we don’t know who we are anymore. Who do you look up to? Are they modeling self-love, acceptance, strength, courage? Every single one of us feels emotions. We all experience pain and happiness. The problem is, men were taught to suppress their sad emotions all together and women are dismissed as being menstrual or crazy. Sometimes we feel depressed, lonely, scared, or confused. These are all normal emotions, but many of us feel like something is wrong with us if we express them. So we try to bury them because we don’t want to appear weak or like something is wrong with us. What exactly happens when we bury these emotions? One, if not dealt with, they will boil up to the point where you lash out at something that is probably pretty minimal, and two, these events, circumstances, and feelings that you have pushed away in order to “forget” haven’t been forgotten at all. They are now affecting how you act in relationships with others, how you make decisions, how you treat people, and your thought process. I know how hard and uncomfortable it is to accept negative emotions and life circumstances but understanding that it is healthy to let them out will be a game changer for you. Accept that they are normal and it is okay to feel the way you are feeling right now. It’s ok to open up to someone about what you are feeling and allow that energy to be released from you instead of keeping it buried deep inside.

One of Those Days…

The past week has felt blurred and confusing. In times like these, I pay attention to how I feel and what my thoughts are. When I’m down, my thoughts tend to navigate to the idea that it will be like this forever. That my sense of direction and purpose in life is completely lost and I’ll never find my way. Then after the fog disappears and I can see clearly again, I feel as though I’ve leveled up. Every time I get into these funks, I have to forcefully tell myself that they don’t last and that this is the perfect time to practice being still. I have to remind myself that magical things happen everyday. I have to focus on all that I have instead of all that I don’t have. And most importantly, I have to remind myself to have faith and surrender all my worries to God himself and trust His direction for me. I hope each and every one of you know how important you are and to remember to always keep the faith that the tough times will get better. Even if faith is all you have left.

The Demon Named Anxiety

Have you experienced anxiety before? I don’t mean the anxiety you get before you’re about to give a speech, or the racing heart right before you meet someone new. I mean the anxiety that takes over your whole body like a demon. The anxiety where you can’t move your body. Where you can’t get out of bed. Your muscles don’t work. You are stuck in your own body. Reaching over to grab your phone from the bedside table is impossible. It’s almost as if this curse has been put into your body. You feel like you are dying. You feel as though this is it. Take deep breaths they say. But I can’t breath. I can’t move. I can’t do anything. I’m dying. I’m dying. Help. 

I can’t move, so I just be. I allow this demon to take over my body, and I tell my mind to let it flow through me. I no longer give it the power. I no longer react. I just be. Laying there with something inside of my soul that really isn’t me. I don’t pay attention to it anymore. I don’t try to fight it. I just let it be. 

Law of Attraction

So the Law of Attraction. What is it? Here are some basics. 

Like anything else, your thoughts are vibrations of energy. Your thoughts are very powerful in creating your reality. Often times, people navigate their way through life without realizing how powerful our thoughts really are. You must retrain your conscious mind to think more positive thoughts. What some don’t know is the power of our subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that is hidden. When we go through something traumatic, sometimes we will try to push it away to not have to re-experience it in our minds and feel that over. Whatever is in our subconscious, is going to communicate with our conscious mind and in turn attract that into our lives. Ways that you can retrain this process is by stating positive affirmations, listening to different meditative music, practicing quieting the mind. It will take time, but with anything, practice and repetition will make it easier each time. When you notice yourself thinking negative thoughts, force yourself to state positive affirmations. 

The power of the law of attraction: Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $10,000,00. Before he was a famous actor, he practiced his acting and envisioned being casted for big roles. Three years later, he made $10,000,000 off of Dumb and Dumber. He had the specific amount and he had something to give. His acting in return for the money. Then he wrote down his goal and that was to manifest $10,000,000.

The Law of Attraction is real and it is always working in your life whether you know and understand it or not. Now is the time to step into your power and own your life!

So what can you do with the Law of Attraction? You can manifest love and relationships, you can attract money and wealth, you can improve your mental and physical health, you can attract success and abundance.

Although there are many laws of the universe, I feel that this is the first you should get familiar and comfortable with!

Peace & Blessings

Some Days

Some days I eat way too much and some days I don’t eat enough. Some days I love what I see in the mirror and some days I hate that absolute feeling of the skin I’m in. Some days I’m off the walls happy and some days I don’t want to get out of bed. Some days I think I could write a book in an hour and other days I don’t have the words to express why I feel the way I do. No one is ever going to have all the answers. At least till we go to Heaven I suppose. When I was younger, I always imagined the perfect life I would have when I was older with zero struggle. I thought that’s how it was supposed to be. That’s what I saw on TV and in the movies as I’m sure many of us did. I didn’t know life was supposed to be a rollercoaster. That some days I would literally have to force myself out of bed and some days I felt like I could lift the Earth up with my two bare hands. I didn’t know that I would grow to love the struggle just as much as I loved the easy days. I didn’t know that I would continue to grow every single day for the rest of my human life. I think about sometimes my uniqueness and what I have to offer this world. Why is it that we spend so much of our time consumed to have the traits and characteristics of others? I’m not really able to wrap my head around it completely. I used to think all I wanted was to be physically beautiful, sickly thin, rich, and powerful. Now all I want is to be genuinely happy, grateful, uplifting and motivating, and help to make this world a better place. I think it really comes with a balance. I somewhat understand the materialistic side of life. It’s a good feeling getting something new and sometimes a good shopping spree can take your mind off of things. But what I also know is not everyone has the luxury to do that. I also know that the feeling of happiness I get from buying something new fades away. Life is about balance in every single aspect and I think that is something I’m still learning to have. Life is an experiment. Life is constantly changing and evolving and I plan to change and evolve with it. 

The Illusion of Time

Learning the art of self care: So often we feel that if we are not constantly on the go, we are wasting time and tend to feel like a failure. Our bodies are constantly talking to us. When you feel drained and tired, you’re body and your soul is craving rest. Just because you take one day, heck maybe even a week to rest, does not mean you are a failure. It does not mean you are lazy. This past week, I have been tired. Every single part of me. Part of me tends to hate myself if I stay in bed longer than expected or if I don’t complete tasks I had hoped to, but what if I can’t give something my all, why try? Were all in this race but we don’t really know what for. Time is an illusion created by a system that has us trapped. A system where we are constantly focusing on the worries of tomorrow and what we could have done different yesterday. The thing is, all we will ever really have is now. Tomorrow will eventually be the now. Yesterday was once the now. When was the last time you can remember where you weren’t thinking about what you were going to accomplish next? Even small things? Like washing your hands, showering, putting your shoes on, getting the mail. Aren’t you constantly thinking about your next step? Have you ever wondered what a life would be like without constant worry? Constant thinking of what tomorrow is going to bring? It is possible and this is how life is supposed to be lived. In the here and now. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t plan for certain things – because you should. This isn’t a black and white statement. We associate ourselves with our minds. Who would we be without our mind? Our mind is who we believe we are. We believe our thoughts are who we are. Have you ever looked at your thoughts as an outsider? Our mind is not who we are. Our spirit is. Our higher self is. Our soul. The mind is equal to the ego. The ego fools us into becoming overly identified with our bodies, thoughts and emotions. This attachment tricks us into believing we are fundamentally separate from God, one another and even our own souls, which leads to suffering. Over time, enough profound suffering eventually leads us back to God, completing the cycle (Alexander, 2015). So why do I say that time doesn’t really exist? Time should be used as a tool just as the past should be used as a reference. When I make statements and even claims about things, there is always a gray area to what I state. It is always important to look at things with an open mind and look at different perspectives of it. Everything has value. We need to use time for an alarm clock, as a timer for our cookies, etc. But we are so stuck on a 24 hour period, 30 days in a month, 365 days in a year, that we are limiting ourselves. We are constantly setting deadlines for ourselves, which I believe to sometimes do us more harm than good. We stress ourselves out with deadlines. We waste so much hard energy on accomplishing something in a short time, that we miss out on so much. What if we stopped putting deadlines on everything? Something that I have worked on not putting a deadline on is my health and fitness. When I got into modeling, I became fixated and obsessed an extreme amount of weight in a very short time frame. I would starve myself for days at a time and in return I would binge eat the calories I deprived myself of for days in one sitting. I would then try again, expecting a different outcome only leading to frustration. After a continuous cycle of failing, I decided to give it up. I decided to stop placing so much focus on a certain timeframe of my weightless and obsessing over it that I ended up losing the weight without even trying. I stopped caring so much about what I was and wasn’t eating and allowed myself to have things I deprived myself of that I suddenly stopped craving what I used to limit myself to. What if we just let things be and let things unravel in their own way and own time.